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On my mother's side, my grandfather, Lee Roy Rogers, was born in Burnsville, North Carolina.  His existence was quite peripatetic, taking him from one little town to another  in western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee, where my mother Edna Louise was born. 

The young Rogers family lived in Mars Hill, Hickory, and Winston-Salem in North Carolina as my grandfather plied his trade.  Sometime when my mother was in high school, the Bassett furniture business was thriving and looking for talented workers.  My grandfather was hired as a foreman and moved his family to Martinsville. 

All in all, the mountain towns of southwest Virginia were more than a little bit interesting.  See the detail from the Personal tab.

The other side of my beginnings is a father I cannot remember and his Justice family of which I know almost nothing.

What I can tell is mostly information I have gleaned from about the Justice clan. My paternal grandmother was Edith Caroline Moore before she married Otha Forrest Justice in Asheville, North Carolina.  They had four children, my father, James Tilson Justice, Clarence, Clyde, and Pauline.

My father's ancestral home was Asheville.  I believe his family had a dairy farm and I know that my father made furniture . . . perhaps as a hobby. 

After my mother finished nurses' training in Asheville, they came as newly-weds  to Martinsville to live.  My father taught school.  When WWII began, he was 4F.  Nevertheless he wanted to serve, so they moved to Newport News, Virginia, where he worked in the shipyards. 

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