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Tutto il mondo paese





I cruised from 04 December to April 8th 2013.  The cruise consisted of eight legs.  They were:

1.  Portsmouth, England to Bridgetown, Barbados           IronBlog

2.  Bridgetown, Barbados to Montego Bay, Jamaica         IronBlog

3.  Montego Bay, Jamaica to Manta, Ecuador                    IronBlog

4.  Manta, Ecuador to Valparaiso, Chile                             IronBlog

5.  Valparaiso, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina              IronBlog

6.  Buenos Aires, Argentina to Recife, Brazil                      IronBlog

7.  Recife, Brazil to Manaus, Brazil                                       IronBlog

8.  Manaus, Brazil to Montego Bay, Jamaica                       IronBlog

The voyage was 24,242 nautical miles which is about 26,666 land miles visiting 58 unique ports.

In the last part of April and the early part of May I spent time in Southern England.  Sample album.

Below are the individual albums and associated blogs for each individual day.

    Outbound - blog   London - blog    Tonbridge - blog   Winchester - blog   Watercress - blog

    Chichester - blog   Portsmouth - blog    Tour IOW - blog    Sandown - blog

    Osbourne - blog       New Forest - blog      Swanage - blog     Salisbury - blog     Return

Then I visited Italian Lake District and Switzerland.  Sample album.  Venue specific albums are:

    Outbound&Lugano - blog    Lago Maggiore - blog    Lago Como - blog     St Moritz - blog

    Bernina Pass - blog    Glacier Express - blog       Matterhorn - blog        Grindelwald - blog

     Jungfraujoch - blog      Luzern - blog     Vitznau-Rigi - blog      To Poland - blog

I transitioned to Poland to end May.  Sample album.  Venue specific albums are:

     Krakow - blog        Zakopane - blog         Auschwitz - blog         Torun - blog    

     Gdansk - blog        Warsaw1 - blog    Warsaw2 - blog

In late June the Tall Ships visited Toronto Harbour.  Albums from the land and from the water.

On July 1st we celebrated Canada Day in my neighbourhood.   The Port Union Beach is quite nice.

I spent the last two weeks of July in Norway doing the coastal voyage from Bergen to Kikenes and back.  The daily blogs tell the real story:

     Toronto-Bergen       Geiranger      Trondheim1     Bodo    Tromso     Honnigsvag     Kirkenes

     Hammerfest     Stokmarknes     Bronnoysund     Trondheim2      Torvik-Bergen        Bergen

     Norway's majesty is shown in:        Northbound Photo Album       Southbound Photo Album

In August I sailed on the "American Queen", a steam-powered stern paddle wheeler on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers from Pittsburgh to St Louis.  The albums are presented in two parts as:

    Pittsburgh to Cincinnati  and Louisville to St Louis.  The detailed daily blogs can be found at:

    Pittsburgh      Wheeling       Marietta      Point Pleasant      Maysville      Cincinnati

    Louisville      Owensboro     Henderson     Peducah      Cape Girardeau     Chester     St Louis

The Scottish Borders were my tour in September.  Three albums and associated daily blogs are:

     Western Border Area                   Central Border Area                Eastern Border Area 

Outbound         Glasgow         New Lanark       Brodick       Arran Tour     Free Day Arran      Bowness  

Eden Valley     Hadrian's Wall        Durham      Ford-Etal      Tweed Valley      Edinburgh      Return

In October I got to meet the Berbers of Morocco and the Bedouin of Jordan.  The Moroccan albums:

      Morocco Part 1     and    Morocco Part 2     The associated daily blogs are:

      Outbound    Casablanca    Fes    High Atlas    Low Atlas    Col de Tichla    Marrakech    Casablanca

There are albums Jordan Part 1 and Jordan Part 2.      The associated daily blogs can be found at:

     Transition   Jerash    Wadi Rum   Petra   Kerak     Bethany   Notes on Nabataeans and T.E. Lawrence.

In November it was Guatemala followed by Costa Rica.  The photo albums and daily journals are:

                                                 Guatemala 1               Guatemala 2            

     Outbound           Guatemala City         Guirigua             Tikal          Petenchel      Antigua 

     Coffee Plantation      Lake Atitlan         Guatemala City       Transition to Costa Rica

                                                 Costa Rica 1               Costa Rica 2

     San Jose               Poas Volcano             Tortuguero          Turtles         El Arenal        Rio Frio

     Guanacaste         Hacienda Pinilla         Tarcoles               Return

To compare and contrast, we had a snowstorm.  This was the scene on December 15th in Toronto.

I was in Burma cruising the Irrawaddy River in late December.  The photo albums are:

     Burma:   Kids     Beasts     Bikes    Babes     Pagodas     Burma-1     Burma-2        Daily blogs are:

Outbound    Yangon to Prome   Thayat Myo   Min Hia   Sale   Tan Kyi Taung  Ohn Ne Kyang

Yandabo     Mandalay   Mingun   Kyauk Myoung  Tagoung  Second Defile  Katha  Hti Gyint  

Departure   Thanaka



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