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As a teenager in Kingston, Ontario I had built a few small balsa models powered by rubber-band motors.  They always crashed and I lost interest.  A rudimentary radio control came on the market and in 1965 in Iserlohn, Germany I built a glider with a simple rudder control.  Posted back to Calgary, Alberta I tried a few more experiments, but gave up when I shattered the radio control in a crash.

In 1994, I revived my long-lost interest in model aircraft and joined the Toronto Radio Control Flying Club. I built a glow engine trainer and finally got my wings that summer.  I went on to build and crash several models until I gained enough proficiency that I started to instruct.

As my skills developed, I tried flying off water.  I gave a helicopters a shot, even on floats.  Then I got into electric aircraft and aerial digital photography.  The latter proved to be my abiding interest and I slipped away from glow-powered aircraft.

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